Inspired by Nature, Focused on Precision.



Leo Corrales

I was born and raised in the Sun Valley area, and have been studying photography for the past four years.  While I've had many interests over the past decade or so, visual creation has been the only one that's stuck. 

I've shot freelance and with photo workshops across the States, traveling from Utah, Washington, British Colombia to Highway 101.

Internationally, I've shot work in Costa Rica, Canada, and India.

I'm an avid skier, focusing in the park and backcountry.  When not in ski boots, I'll be found summiting peaks within the Sawtooth and White Cloud ranges.

I find inspiration for my work within various mediums of visual expression - from James Barkman to Edward Hopper.

I shoot 80/20 digital/film. With one of my close friends having a darkroom, hand developing film is cheap and easy. One of my favorite brands of B+W is Tri-X 400.  My favorite color film is 120 Portra 400. I shoot 35mm on a Minolta XE-7, and 120 on a Mamiya RB-67 Pro S.





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